We proudly present to you
one of the most popular dish in our restaurant:

“La Carbonara”

 🌴Greetings from Cagliari🌴

Are you ready to taste the flavours of our land? 😍
“Immersing yourself in the crystal clear waters of our beaches and not enjoying the famous 140 Grammi Carbonara
is a sin!” 🏊‍♀️🍝

That’s why we have an unmissable offer for you:

Order 2 plates of Carbonara and you will only pay for one!

1️⃣ The offer is valid for two pasta alla Carbonara ordered at the table, one of which will be free;

2️⃣ Request the coupon by entering your data at the bottom of the page and, at the end of the registration, you'll receive a QRCode via WhatsApp message or, if it is not available, on your e-mail;

3️⃣ Once you have request the voucher, you will be able to enter your reservation on the next page.

4️⃣ Show the coupon to the 140Grammi waiter and bon appetit!
*️⃣ Offer cannot be combined with other offers. *️⃣
It has already been downloaded